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Public domain kung fu movies.Kung Fooey Brawls!


Help Us.A Film Festival of Kick Ass Kung Fu/Martial Arts Films when you look at the Public Domain | Open Culture


The RetroFilm Vault offers broadcast quality public domain flicks to news experts and television broadcasters. Today he’s away for revenge on those that killed their father–and on those who abandoned him.

His child is placed to marry the nephew of an abundant next-door neighbor through to the nephew is accused of taking money from his uncle–but the income was taken because of the rich man’s boy. Armour of Jesus Color Starring: Jackie Chan Jackie Chan and his bumbling sidekick are sent on a quest through European countries discover a mysterious prize held by a shadowy company of monks. They battle and Michele is provided for prison for 2 years for assault.

However, because Assunta however loves Michele she actually is susceptible whenever Federigo proposes to assist Michele but as long as Assunta becomes their mistress. Michele is circulated early from jail, locates Assunta and Federigo collectively and eliminates Federigo. When the police appear, Assunta takes the blame for Michele’s crime. He plans to steal a lot of silver, nevertheless when the plan backfires he could be up against extreme resistance. Black Samurai Color Starring: Jim Kelly In a daring relief effort, a black fighting techinques specialist infiltrates the key area hideout of a powerful criminal company which will be keeping his gf hostage.

Jim Kelly, aka Black Belt Jones, performers. But the mentor he visits is a conman that is just after their cash. Blood regarding the Dragon Running Time: 97 mins Color Starring: Jimmy Wu Jimmy Wang Yu performers as a martial art criminal whom chose to change their techniques and help a new man bring a bamboo containing a list of individuals who is in the hitlist on a Mongolian frontrunner. Only problem is Jimmy has got to make the number to a son who has got a vendetta against him for killing his dad.

Bloodfight working Time: mins Color Starring: Yasuaki Kurata, Simon Yam, Meg Lam Years after retiring through the world of no-cost battling fighting styles, a guy returns towards the dangerous world of battling after his most readily useful pupil is killed when you look at the competition.

Sunlight leads a motion to free Asia from its Japanese occupation. While on a trip of China he could be continuously attacked by assassins hired by the Man Chu leaders. Breathing Fire working Time: 91 mins Color Starring: Bolo Yeung After their bank-robbing father and their companions kill a couple and threaten the fleeing daughter, a young man along with his adopted Vietnamese brother make use of their kickboxing skills to manage justice.

He learns that Ji-hyeok was the target of an opium band. Not able to get the authorities to help him, Han Wook works alone in his attempts to deliver the medication smugglers to justice Bruce Lee, The Invincible Running Time: 93 minutes Color Starring: Bruce Li A kung-fu master seeks revenge in this chop-socky actioner. Nicholson Tribute to the king of karate films features rare video footage Bruce was making movies since he had been six years old! But they run afoul of some US thugs, therefore the battle is on With training full, Wong must fight an assassin and restore the honor of his school.

The movie even recreates Oyama’s amazing task of killing a raging bull together with his bare hands Oyama did this task over 50 times in actuality. Dynamic fight choreography featuring genuine Kyokushinkai techniques. A must see for Sonny Chiba fans. Their vow to never fight once again is tested by the cruel owner associated with pier. City Ninja working Time: 84 minutes colors Three martial-arts pupils level a showdown with an evil Ninjitsu master. Interpol ninja sets out to stop him. Clash associated with Ninjas Color Starring: Paulo Tocha An evil corporation it to harvest body organs from real time people and smuggle them in to the country.

Its up to our hero to learn who’s behind this unlawful operation and place an end towards the team for good. Aided by the brilliant Professor Lucas, cells from the martial arts master’s human anatomy are removed and cultivated into three person Bruce Lee clones. After undergoing training to create their skills up to the amount of their ‘father’, the 3 are distributed to fight crime, with one sent to undertake a gold smuggler, while the other two teaming up to turn off an evil mad scientist.

One evening while solution is in full circulation Keaton and Fatty entertain the crowd with regards to dancing despite breaking all the plates and bottles in the restaurant in the process. The enjoyment is shortly ruined whenever a vagrant St. John , known as “Holdup guy” when you look at the movie’s credits, comes in and begins damaging everybody’s fun time and dancing aided by the waitress Alice Lake against her will.

Fatty, Keaton and also the manager are no match for Holdup Man but he could be afterwards frightened down by Luke, Fatty’s dog. Later, Fatty and Keaton join a couple of men into the restaurant for a huge bowl of spaghetti, not in a position to reproduce the right way of consuming it they turn to their particular types of consuming one string at any given time and cutting the spaghetti with scissors to really make it faster.

The following day Fatty plans a fishing trip with Luke while Keaton simultaneously takes the waitress on a night out together into the amusement park. Fatty takes a shortcut through the park and knocks several folks out together with his extremely lengthy fly rod before showing up in the coastline.

The waitress gets divided from Keaton and is chased around the playground by Holdup guy and ends up falling from the top of a roller coaster, dropping into the ocean.

Holdup guy is chased down by Luke yet again and Fatty and Keaton make an effort to rescue the waitress but find that the key to a flotation device is “in a courthouse one mile east”. As he recovers, however, he demonstrates to be more lethal than ever.

Crippled Kung Fu Boxer working Time: 77 minutes Color Starring: Cliff Lok, Shu-Chu Chen, Hua Yueh Kung fu genius Cliff Lok stars while the student of a famous kung fu master whose kung fu gymnasium gets overrun by the Hunchback and his gang, Cliff runs off and seeks refuge together with his uncle, just who shows Cliff the art of the Crippled Fist so he might simply take payback of the Hunchback as well as the remainder of their vile posse.

Despite their obvious disadvantages, they figure out how to combine their fighting techinques abilities and seek payback from the evil master. The town priest manages the kid. 1 day Curro meets Soledad and love is born. Because of the intention of marrying the lady Curro moves to America to get rich.

He attempts to train Foggy but to no avail. Foggy is then been trained in Drunken Fist from his uncle as he must face his parent’s competitor, Rubber thighs, another Drunken Fist master just who integrates it with Mantis Fist to create a deadly style. Day’s The Panther Running Time: 74 mins Color A martial-arts specialist goes after a criminal gang and its own employer, who have been in charge of the death of their companion.

Deadly Duo Color Starring: Chewn Shing, Mao Ying A fearsome youthful martial arts warrior, assisted by their mysterious compatriot, must avenge the loss of their fiancee by marauding Manchurians.

His bravery is not paid back, however, as Cheung is driven out of his home by their uncle. Now Cheung must battle to stay alive in a world of gods and demons, with just his kung fu powers to help keep him safe. He seeks the assistance from a number of their prisoners, providing pardon to those who survive. They ultimately relationship together to trace along the frontrunner. A lengthy and bloody fight ensues. The Ching prince directs mercenaries in order to complete of Cheng, but Cheng’s elite guard surprises the Manchurian foes.

She starts employing all of them aside as ultra-competent agreement killers, and also the only one to prevent her programs is a new pupil. Their abilities will undoubtedly be put into the test. Dragon Lee versus. The fighting is fast furious and brutal. Kung-fu; the absolute beauty and artistry in this old art has been examined and revered for years and years. This kung-fu classic is merely one of the most significant great martial arts movies that is a must-see when it comes to real Kung Fu lover.

Filmed on location in Asia this film is full of spectacular surroundings and amazing fight views to provide you with a carefully-crafted action-packed classic adventure! Dragon Princess aka Yasha-ga-ike Color Starring: Tamasaburo Bando Outside of a small town in Japan, a mysterious pond is populated by mythic animals.

Their tale is of revenge, tragedy, together with energy of real love. A classical tale which translates splendidly to movie. Good soundtrack and some good action scenes. As he comes back he gets associated with a fight between a local thug, which uses different fighters to accomplish away because of the child and his father and take control of the area location. Jackie, though, is tempted by some thugs he take down to act whilst the master of a Kung-Fu college.

This school’s name evidently spreads far, as a vintage adversary of Jackie’s grandfather shows up and kills him and Jackie has gone out to get revenge. Contains vintage Bruce Lee films plus doc footage.

Oftentimes, Chong tends to overact in this film, but he’s one amazing martial artist! Hwang Ing-sik is fantastic whilst the main antagonist who would like to re-establish the Ch’ing government.

The fight choreography, cinematography, editing, and course are superb. With several of the bad-guy actors just who starred with Bruce Lee. Fists of Fury Running Time: 99 minutes Color Starring: Bruce Lee, Maria Yi, James Tien a new guy sworn to an oath of non-violence works closely with his cousins in an ice factory where they mysteriously begin to fade.

Five-fingers of Death Color Starring: Lei Lo, Fei Meng This film actually started the kung-fu theatre craze of this ‘s with its lousy dubbing, bizarre storyline, and brilliant depictions of gratuitous violence. A must see for the kung-fu fan. You haven’t lived until such time you’ve heard outlines like “he’s dense as two planks”, and “take those two knives, and I also’ll see ya later! Whilst the paranoid Emperor begins decapitating anybody he fears might be a threat, his shield Mau Tang becomes disillusioned with all the excesses of his master.

He renders their post and takes up the peaceful lifetime of agriculture and increasing a family group. Eventually, though, their past catches up with him, and he must find a method to combat the traveling guillotine if he could be to save their head. When the final showdown happens, it really is an enormous Kung fu brawl! Kosugi demonstrating the usage a katana, saying nothing concerning the film he’s presenting. When Gordon is taking their girlfriend’s picture in Hong-Kong, several Caucasian thugs led by a Chinese guy, Kogan, threaten her, therefore he beats them up.

Somewhere else, Bernard Wong pays their employees extra cash to carry on looking their land after discovering individual bones. The thugs tend to be members of the Ebony Ninja Clan, whose lifeless are hidden on Wong’s web site.

One of their particular operatives strangles Gordon’s gf, thinking she understands where Gordon has hidden the Golden Ninja statue that apparently provides him energy and will not state, while another hires Ghost Ninja, a lovely witch dressed up in white to kill Wong, his daughter Fanny, her husband George, along with her child, Bobo, for three million bucks.

Fanny is frightened by a cat in the house upon move-in, and also the Black Ninja frontrunner One day a part of these old gang appears and threatens to expose them when they don’t help him pull a heist. Sheeri is going to find her dad’s murderer and Michael must protect the Golden Ninja Warrior statue for a ceremony in China. Image of Bruce Lee Running Time: 88 mins Color Starring: Bruce Li Bruce Li the reincarnation associated with the initial Bruce Lee plays an undercover detective assigned to find the frontrunners of an international counterfeiting procedure.

Classic fighting techinques action. Largest grossing film in the Philippines in an idea to ‘sell’ phony dollars to Espartero goes awry, nevertheless the two sons regarding the forger join Quint, so does Mokaiko, a brave Japanese prepare. The rag-tag band of Quinlan satisfies Espartero in several scraps, after which a climactic conflict.

Each one is unsightly, bad, and dirty except Baby , and fight appropriately.


Public domain kung fu movies.Top kung-fu films – IMDb

Aug 11,  · Kung Fu Arts Complete Film Public Domain. The emperor’s right hand man frames the princess’s fiancé, King Chi, whom goes into concealing for 10 years, vowing payback. Meanwhile, the princess is married to King Chi’s monkey. The next clip is public domain. Kung Fu Classic (30) Betrayal (29) Duel (29) Kung-fu Master (29) Kung Fu Fighting (28) bloodstream Splatter (27) demise (26) Battle (25) Beating (25) Stick battle (25) Ambush (24) Bare Chested Male (24) Flashback (24) Katana Sword (24) Instruction (23) Karate (22) Knife (22) Slow Motion Scene (22) Wuxia (22) Chase (21) Assassin (20) Brutality (20) Chinese (20) Wire Fu (20) Beaten To Death (19) Bo team (19)Missing: community domain. Aug 28,  · Return Of The kung-fu Dragon videos Preview Public Domain Mark Topics Return of the kung-fu Dragon Language English. This film is within the Public Domain. Addeddate Identifier ReturnOfTheKungFuDragon_ Scanner .

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