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Patty shukla i can do it.Patty Shukla – I’m Able To Take Action! Lyrics


More by Patty Shukla.Thank You – Patty Shukla | Shazam


It’s my great honor to present for your requirements today Our graduating class while they turn the page to the next part of the everyday lives they would choose to state anything extremely special to you personally One, two, three, four Two little words Two little words Two little words perhaps not goodbye It’s the end of the season Graduation is here Our two small terms To our teachers, mothers, dads, grand-parents and all many thanks, many thanks, thank you everybody else Thank you for all you have done many thanks, thank you, many thanks everybody else Thank you for many you have done You taught us to see and compose You taught us to learn You informed us it’d be alright and exactly how to just take our turn many thanks, thank you, thank you everybody Thank you for several you’ve done Thank you, thank you, thank you everybody Thank you for many you have done You aided us to link our footwear find out forms and colors, too There’s countless issues do We just wanna say Thank you, many thanks, many thanks everybody Thank you for several you have done Thank you, many thanks, thank you everybody else Thank you for several you have done.

Shake and Move. Patty Shukla. Choo Choo Train. Stand Up, Sit Back. Many Thanks. Colors Dance. I Could Do It! Minimal Red. Phonics Alphabet. Follow Me Personally. Roar Like a Lion. Mommy and Me Mother’s Day Song. School Bus. Wiggle It! Best Friends. The Bunny Hop. Be Accountable Secured And Respectful. Show More Show Less. Thomas Newman.

Cool Jerk. Bar Height Feat. Baby Ice. Meow Remix. Good Morning. Jolie Jolly Or Both. Deep East Musical. Closing Theme. Yo Gabba Gabba! Black Momma Whoopin’. Germaine Franco. Frosty The Snowman.

The Countdown Children. Wha Happnin. Theme Song. Nature Cat. Cruella De Vil Dalmatians. Why Don’t We Celebration Tonight. Richard Myhill. She Ended Up Being My Annie. Blue Topaz. Shake ‘N’ Fries. David Cutter Music. Roll Up Your Sleeves. Fragile Beats. Halloween in school.

Air Punch One. John Rowcroft. Thank you, thank you, thank you every person Thank you for many you have done Thank you, many thanks, many thanks every person Thank you for all you’ve done Writer s : Patty Shukla Lyrics powered by www.


Patty shukla i can do it.Patty Shukla – I Am Able To Do It! Lyrics | MetroLyrics

I will take action! Album install with words by Patty Shukla #educationalmusic #songsforteaching #earlyed. Songs For Teaching. 3k followers. Youngsters Songs With Activities. Nursery Ryhmes. Rhymes Lyrics. Rhymes Video. Movement Songs. Action Songs. Music For Children. Children Music. I Am Able To Get It Done. Words to ‘I Can Do It!’ by Patty Shukla. Lets do a little jumping jack jack Do some jumping jack jack change it to the right and do a little jumping jack Lets do a little jumping jack jack Do some bouncing jack jack. I could Do It – Patty Shukla I could Do That! – Jack Hartmann I’m able to get – Speak and Sing: The Developing Child Jump Up – songs, Movement & Magination Jump for Numbers – Ron Brown Left and Appropriate – Listen and find out The Line-Up Song – Colleen & Uncle Squaty Lining Up – Music with Mar.

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