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Medals of valor afk arena.Regal Rewards


Welcome to Reddit,.Regal Rewards Event – AFK Arena


The Merchants is a feature that enables player doing microtransaction. Players can bought in-game items and subscriptions, all the items sold by the Merchants can also be gotten at no cost through activities and in-game functions. Players also can go to the Merchants at no cost provides.

The Visiting Merchants loss provides people the Advancement Rewards, with this specific package the player can collect Diamonds after doing chapters. The Merchants Ship Tab features multiple sub-tabs. The Daily Deals , Weekly Discounts and Monthly Deals contain various offers energizing day-to-day, regular and monthly correspondingly.

The heroes found within the Special Monthly Bundle will likely not change unless the bundle is refreshed. Also see Policy and Renewal Contract.

Each sub-tabs is divided in to a totally free and compensated section. Through the first battles of the great invasion, morale throughout the world of Esperia has reached an in history reduced due to the fact demonic aggressors spread everywhere across the land. The opposition understands that maintaining the resolve of these armies high is paramount to winning this war of attrition. Therefore a number of Esperia’s great lords decided that people who prove by themselves within the arena of combat is likely to be compensated the best honor, the Medal of Valor.

Those who don the Medal of Valor are a privileged few, straight funded because of the great lords on their own to help further their needs within the lengthy war. Champions of Esperia! This will be a call to hands! uncommon powers were experienced coming from the Arcane Labyrinth.

Mages from the Mage’s Guild being looking into the problem and think the unusual energy readings is from the ghoulish phantasms that reside inside the labyrinth. These abilities must certanly be brought in order, for if they are perhaps not, the elemental abilities of Esperia will lose their equilibrium, unleashing untold disasters onto the globe.

Brave heroes is compensated because of their valiant efforts. Fight for Esperia! Thwart evil! Enroll these days. If people unlock the Premium Pass, they could also claim additional quantities of their selected reward, as well as Diamonds.

Calling all brave Warriors! Your help is urgently needed! The unusual twisted powers that live in the Twisted Realm have broke through their barrier and so are now affecting the actual plane of truth. Day by day it is getting increasingly harder to tell apart understanding real and just what is one of the dreamworld. Terror and destruction wander free throughout our society.

The malicious abilities have started to twist and turn the realm of Esperia into a mangled mess of chaos We are calling upon one to enter the Twisted Realm and purge the entities which are causing this ailment. They have to be ended without exceptions, before it’s too-late! Hurry, hero, time is running out for people.

This is basically the hours of mortal people’s success, your victory. May the light protect you. People should buy skins in the Wardrobe. Only a few skins can be acquired in the Wardrobe, many skins are exclusive to your Wardrobe. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Register Don’t have a free account? Start a Wiki. To view the Heroic development Bundles , select “expand”. In this event, people can unlock different tiers of incentive packages by acquiring certain heroes and increasing their particular ascension level.

The unlockable incentive bundles tier is determined by the best taped ascension tier of certain heroes. To view the Subscription Details , select “expand”. Renewing Subscription: At the conclusion of your registration period your registration will instantly be renewed and extended by on registration period.

To view the Background , select “expand”. To view the Regal Rewards Guide , select “expand”. Regal Rewards become available 8 times after the creation of a new account profile Regal Rewards is a time-limited reward system which final 49 times.

More Regal incentives is unlocked by using Medal of Valor, which is often obtained from “Dailies” and “Weeklies” quest chests. Any uncollected Regal benefits should be sent to your mailbox as soon as the Regal Rewards system is reset. As soon as the Regal Rewards feature is refreshed, it’s Perk Level increases.

Perk Levels focus on an initial standard of 1 and can be raised as much as level 5. The higher the Perk degree, the greater numerous the Regal benefits become. People having unlocked the Premium Pass may use Diamonds to shop for Medals of Valor so that you can obtain any uncollected incentives 4 days prior to the Regal Rewards reset day. Premium passes are active for the duration of one payment period as they are maybe not permanent. To view the Champions of Esperia Guide , choose “expand”.

The Champions of Esperia can be opened after completing Stage as soon as the Arcane Labyrinth is refreshed. The Champions of Esperia event features a duration of 44 days.

Heroic Merits can be had by defeating Kane on every flooring of the Arcane Labyrinth. You’ll unlock even more rewards on the “Champions of Esperia” page by acquiring more Heroic Merits. Any uncollected Champions of Esperia benefits is going to be sent to your mailbox when the system is reset. When the Champions of Esperia feature is refreshed, it’s Perk amount increases. The larger the Perk Level, the greater amount of numerous the Champions of Esperia incentives come to be. Players that have unlocked the Premium Pass could use Diamonds to get Heroic Merits in order to get any uncollected rewards 4 days prior to the Regal Rewards reset day.

To look at the Twisted Bounties Guide , select “expand”. The Twisted Bounties event will be available following the Twisted world is unlocked. The Twisted Bounties event has a duration of 44 days. Acquire more Twisted Sigil and receive more Twisted Bounties during this occasion! Twisted Sigils can be acquired via Twisted Realm rank rewards. Any Twisted Bounties incentives that were unlocked because of the player.

As soon as the Twisted Bounties function is refreshed, it’s Perk amount increases. The bigger the Perk Level, the greater amount of numerous the Twisted Bounties come to be. People that have unlocked the Premium Pass could use Diamonds to shop for Twisted Sigils in order to get any uncollected benefits 4 days prior into the Regal Rewards reset date.

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Medals of valor afk arena.Merchants | AFK Arena Wiki | Fandom

Regal benefits This few days’s NOT Retroactive for Medals I finished several weekly chests ahead of the Regal Rewards system went real time these days, plus in the average person weekly chests it provides myself an eco-friendly check saying I got those medals of valor, however they they don’t count towards my final amount of medals of valor on the development web page. May 18,  · During the event you’ll earn “Medals of Valor” for opening the chests you get from doing everyday and regular quests. Earning a lot of these will unlock a reward tier. There’s currently 25 tiers to s: Aegislashed. · 6m. They’re the afkarena version of a battle pass so that you just get benefits the more you get. You go to merchants then to the noble community tab. 2. level 1. Direct_Campaign. · .

The Regal Rewards is a recurring occasion added in Patch 1. The primary purpose of this occasion is when people can get rewards for finishing day-to-day and weekly quests. Each occasion usually lasts for 49 times, along with your account should be at the very least 8 days old to participate. When the event has ended, the event resets and rewards could be obtained once again.

The opposition understands that keeping the resolve of these armies extreme is paramount to winning this war of attrition.

Those who don the Medal of Valor are a privileged few, right financed by the great lords themselves to help more their needs in the long war.

Players participate in Regal Rewards automatically once they full everyday and weekly quests. Each and every time a person opens up a chest and receives benefits for completing these quests, they’ll additionally get Medals of Valor. Medals of Valor may then be redeemed by selecting the Regal Rewards tab under Gift Sets into the top left regarding the primary screen. Every player can obtain uncommon soulstones from this event whenever acquiring a certain number of Medal of Valors.

People may also buy a Premium Pass which unlocks extra rewards: elite hero soulstones and diamonds. Over the course of the function, people can earn as much as uncommon soulstones per event and an additional elite soulstones and Diamonds whenever unlocking the Premium Pass. Premium Passes are only good-for the extent of the Regal Rewards occasion. Once the occasion resets, another pass needs to be purchased nevertheless the rewards can be obtained a moment time. If a player does not get incentives as they earn them over the course of the function, they will be delivered to the player via in game mail when the occasion has actually determined.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Register do not have a merchant account? Begin a Wiki. Background “From the first battles regarding the great invasion, morale over the realm of Esperia are at an all time reduced once the demonic aggressors distribute all over over the land.

Incentives Every player can get rare soulstones with this occasion when getting a particular wide range of Medal of Valors. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.