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Half-life 2 combine destiny.Half-Life 2 Combine Destiny mod


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Combine Destiny is a mod for Half-Life 2. The primary protagonist is a Combine Overwatch Soldier. Combine are friends, and also the Resistance tend to be opponents. The town of Coonersville has actually rebelled.

The citizens here have actually overthrown the safety causes and established a base at the top of the mountain. Town was greatly shelled with Headcrab canisters, forcing the rebels into concealing. A Combine Overwatch sweeper team cleared the residual causes and overran the base. Recently, the Citadel has lost experience of Installation 34 plus the Administrator thinks that the underground rebels have resurfaced and retaken the installation.

The outer lining is shelled, but familiarity with the present circumstance is obscure at best. The Administrator is regrouping the Transhuman forces for protection businesses. Support in this objective is consequently light. The gamer takes the area of the squad leader for a group being implemented at the farside service hangar.

The mission is to infiltrate the installation, measure the situation and eradicate the underground rebels. But, early in the overall game, the soldiers lose connection with the player because of a shock Fast Zombie attack. The player must then work their method through Installation 34 encountering Zombies and Rebels.

The ball player is then grabbed because of the weight and presented prisoner in Coonersville. The gamer escapes, realising that town happens to be heavily shelled and therefore Rebels are constantly being attacked by Zombies. He reaches Installation 34, before being obtained from the bottom to end the game. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Register don’t possess an account? Begin a Wiki. This short article is about a mod. The niche was conceived by a third-party designer and is consequently considered both non-canon and non-official.

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Half life 2 combine destiny.Combine Destiny | RTSL

Combine Destiny opens up using the obligatory cinematic series which includes you traveling down a canyon in a drop ship and after that you tend to be left in the doors towards the base. After a short walk down a tunnel along with your squad you’ll encounter a handful of howler zombies then, and I don’t would you like to offer way too much away, anything may happen that separates you against your staff (provide a minute – it hasn’t crashed). Combine Destiny is a Half-life 2 Horror and Action Singleplayer Modification. Dec 03,  · Combine Destiny is a horror-action single-player adjustment for Half-Life 2. Combine Destiny 1 The town of Coonersville has actually rebelled. The citizens truth be told there have actually overthrown the safety forces and founded a base at the top of the mountain.

Rebels are making a base near the top of a hill near a town known as Coonersville. The Combine chose to send Headcrab canisters to the city in place of attempting an ordinary assault and perchance wasting Combine everyday lives and resources.

After an appropriate time period to allow the Headcrabs to complete their work, a sweeper team is sent in to secure the town and capture the beds base. Recently, the Citadel has actually lost experience of the Quiver Base while the Administrator seems that there have been perhaps a few rebels which escaped the Headcrabs and Sweeper staff. These rebels may have re-taken the bottom. In an attempt to conserve valuable resources much more Headcrab cannisters are aimed at the town.

However some actually missed their target and they’ve got lost all track of them. The Administrator is hesitant to outline any forces, since the Combine soldiers are required elsewhere to counter a new menace. Nonetheless, the Combine Advisors feel that they should strike right back rapidly and regain control of the beds base. You will be part of the team becoming deployed to infiltrate and get back the base.

Best of luck. Down load to your HDD [ Congratulations once again for the Enhanced-Looking webpage…keep on moving and thanks for the sources we discovered here, …More HL1…plzzzzz! Many individuals elsewhere have actually a lot to gripe about that mod. Undoubtedly, it might have been much better and was boring for substantial swathes. Nonetheless, I very liked it — I realised that playing as a combine changed the therapy for the game — whereas in HL2 I would personally make an effort to hold my allies out of trouble, i discovered i might willingly deliver my combine grunts ahead as bait.

No pests when I upgraded my motorists. Few nice ready pieces like the antlion. Nevertheless, it did get rather boring towards the end and my technique became that of operating beyond the opponents in the place of doing combat. The reason why do you get so few frigging grenades… will have appear in dead handy.

Gameplay: Average and repeated, occasionally boring. There is a large number of zombie fights throughout that may get tiresome at some points, specifically with the quick zombies.

Employer battles however are interestingly planned out which are a good thing. There was a lot of supplies about, occasionally lacking in various areas but sufficient around to endure the whole mod.

As I stated above, the structure is quite linear which eliminates any excitement to the mod that will be a pity. Design: The design for the levels in this mod varies dependent on who made the chart, however it stays typical generally in most for the maps. The dwelling of every map is quite linear where some maps have many corridors in them. Texturing is typical as well with some good alternatives and an excellent set used which keeps a similar color motif.

Almost all of the places into the mod remain medium to large scale, some being extremely empty with a few props every now and then.

Used to do nonetheless just like the text above the controls that are useable making it more better to find the needed switch. Summary: the average customization which includes an appealing concept, but occasionally dull and repetitive throughout. Can anyone assist me? A lengthy game great in components with settings, designs and total design effective. Restricted to tight structures and underground passages, making you feel just like planning to get outside for some atmosphere and space to explore and wander.

In this mod you will definitely play per day in a lifetime of a combine featuring the electrical stick…Overall design is above typical but shows every now and then several missaligned texture, place which could no be, or trappy places. Gameplay is mostly simple but might make you travel from destination to spot by another side, there is apparently a support to you personally in a type of notice system or message spawned on console. How you want to fight and kill the rebellion is one thing new in HL2 and may be discouraging.

I must say I enjoyed this mod! It really covers lots of floor. Nevertheless the levels are particularly intriguing and streaming. Within one degree I come upon some two unarmed people and decided not to capture them. But once certainly one of their people dropped down through hole, we shot him and ended up being extremely amazed to see one of the unarmed individuals get the firearm and begin shooting at me. Thats wise AI! Some levels are particularly dark and scary but nonetheless managable. I played it on the moderate setting along with tons of fun.

Great game, having difficulty going thru aircon shaft down at the end level of the multilevel section just over the walkway utilizing the lifeless combine and weapon. I’m able to here gunfire in there. Is this the best way to continue or have We missed something? Played the patched version of this mod. There are a couple well done amounts untill you get cought. After that the mod is actually a class weaker than before and the playtime feels synthetic stretched. However,i anticipate the second component this is certainly in the generating and suggest component 1 cause the first 1 / 2 is well done.

The Citadel has lost experience of an investigation facility and believes it has been inundated by rebels so naturally they shell the nearby city with headcrabs. They miss. Combine Destiny opens up because of the obligatory cinematic sequence that has you flying down a canyon in a drop ship and then you tend to be remaining at the doorways to the base. There was only a little voice work close to the end associated with mod and in this instance, it is extremely well done.

Playing as Combine, your enemies are the types of zombie, headcrab, antlion and rebel. Once or twice you’re going to be assisted by Combine hardware such as for instance turret guns which makes a refreshing vary from having them rip you apart. Additionally, you may usually have a squad following both you and because the environments here are more available compared to tenement buildings of Half-Life 2, this indicates to work better.

At one point the Citadel notifies you that jumping to the liquid will require one to the sewer system. Should you leap you will definitely miss a great deal of the mod including a labyrinthine part that I really found quite annoying. But, I recommend using the good way around at the least once because as well as the tedious maze there clearly was a squad based assault on a prison that has been quite enjoyable.

Many people have complained that a few of this mod is too dark. Physically, I found creeping around slim corridors shining the burn when I decided to go to be lots of fun to play and believed these sequences had been a whole lot more entertaining than the similar people in Doom 3.

The mapping and architecture are great; the designs are well utilized and there are adequate atmospherics to create a persuading game globe. The surroundings start around slim tunnels dug out of the rock to shiny black Combine steel in the pouring rain to huge concrete caverns. Playing as Combine is far from special however in Combine Destiny it is especially well implemented especially when you have a squad with you.

This mod is of a close expert standard and I also found it a lot of enjoyment to play. It easily helps it be into my Top 10 variety of Half-Life 2 mods. We excitedly await Combine Destiny 2. What i prefer for this mod is hw I have actually to use countless ways to destroy a lot of headcrabs: drowning all of them in liquid, utilizing the banacles and making use of an oportunistic turret; all to truly save ammo. The Architecture is great, perhaps not the very best, but in some times the game are repetitive and buggy.

If you look for more HL2 games, and you also already played the best of all of them, this is an excellent option. Playing as a combine had been quite cool, particularly how they changed the sound the suit makes when you sprint. The single thing had been that the quantity of ammo you can get is quite limited. Though I quite enjoyed playing the final couple of maps in just a crowbar. Enjoy it for the environment! It absolutely was great but as some have aready stated, the first one half was way too long with too little action.

It should be slashed by 50 percent and double the enemies, in this instance the Rebels. I experienced difficulty with this additionally. Killing the Rebels had been hard to get into, particularly the women. There was way too many headcrabs and zombies and almost sufficient threats from people. Various other then it was good. Good length and good maps. The maps are actually big also it got complicated from time to time to find out which way to go as truth be told there always seemed to be more the other exit from a place.

I might have to return back and explore the other rooms We missed. Great work though-thanks. I discovered the video game a little too much zombie-orientated, but We rapidly understood it can be the intro for a longer story — a story told in Combine Destiny 2? Even though the environment is dark mostly, you clearly know your a combine.

The messages comfirm, you shall not be put aside at all costs. People that have read other commentary from me, will begin to recognize, this is something we love lots! We enjoyed this plenty.

I prefer horror mods and Speed Zombies are my favourite. A little strange is playing a Combine though. I felt a little uncomfortable.

Great mod! This mod is fantastic, nonetheless it can get boring. Overall this will be outstanding mod, play it now! I happened to be only a little dissatisfied, We anticipated more narrative and epic moments.