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100 doorways challenge 2 level 21.Conundrum 100 Doors Challenge 2 – Walkthrough – Level 100


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Your current email address will never be posted. Exact matches only. Search in title. Search in content. Search in excerpt. Just how do I beat doorways Challenge 2 degree 21?

Here is the sequel to the really great game by Protey ‘Doors Challenge’. This game is really listed in Bing Play as ‘ Doors: concealed Objects’ but once you install it, it goes on its proper title. The reason why do developers try this? No idea! It makes life confusing. You will find levels.. The gameplay is excellent, and if you’ll need help then consider our movies. Love Doors Challenge 2? A quick word from our sponsor.

Previous All Next. What do you consider? You will definitely get a trophy for the first vote on Game assist Guru and 2 reputation for every vote cast. You can find an overall total of responses inside our general Doors Challenge 2 chat. Tap right here to have a look. Nick Schaer. Tap the arow marks relating to its path. Tap the main element. Tell us what you think!

Cancel response Login along with your Social ID. Login with Facebook. Imagine The Brand Logo Mania. This might be another fun logo guessing game, this time around delivered to us by IcoMania that have additionally made numerous various other similar games.

You will find dozens of amount packs and each has virtually 50 logos to imagine. Most of us have the answers here! There are dozens of le Whats The Restaurant. Another great restaurant logo design guessing game. This time taken to us by Goxal Studios that have made a large number of guessing games like this. The levels are a mix of preferences with some uncommon ones combined in too. The l Smoothie Swipe. This might be a match 3 game like most other people. You move from island to island and you can find minor modifications for the online game.

Currently they do say you can find over amounts. How far do you have? This can be a fruit coordinating game and is quite popular. Presently they say there ar Dooors Zero Escape. An extremely great escape design game which is only a little different into the others.

Dooors Zero Escape aka Dooors Zero is a lot more 3D, you are able to pan all over room also it seems really nice. The puzzles tend to be fun in addition to gameplay is good. If you prefer various other escape games then this is up your street! It is a tremendously old-fashioned image guessing game for which you get 2 pictures and you incorporate them to help make 1 thing.

The software and artwork are typical ok, B for production high quality, there aren’t any fancy animations but there aren’t any bugs or issues with the UI. It is an extremely traditional image guessing game where you have 2 photographs and you combine all of them to produce 1 t You will know this gaem as ‘4 Pics Extra’ because that is really what the icon says on your product!

However it is not to be mistaken for one other game ‘4 Pics 1 keyword: much more Words’ which additionally shows as ‘4 Pics Extra’ on your own desktop computer. How complicated! Hi here’s some guidance to the Developer Nebo Apps what about But it is not to be confused with one other game ‘4 Pics


100 doors challenge 2 level 21.Doors Challenge 2: amount 21 Walkthrough – Game Help Guru

Conundrum Doors Challenge 2 – Walkthrough – Level all of the answers here! The primary objective in Doors is to escape the space. Making use of most of the possibilities of the unit you need to open up every one of doorways and move the doorways to the next Level. Research hidden things, solve puzzles and . Conundrum Doors Challenge 2 – Walkthrough – Level Conundrum Doors concealed things and Challenge 2, from Protey Games. Most of the responses here! Prove that you can pass all of the tests associated with insidious house into the game doorways Challenge 2. The Walkthrough for degree begin in the middle. This can be our guide to doing levels in Doors Challenge, you should check straight back on degree s in the earlier page. Degree 21 Tap the arrows on each for the 4 squares to turn all of them. Each once should be set as a-clock. The 4 arrows have actually figures that is the hour you will need to set it up to, but on a 12 time clock face maybe not

You are able to comment on the page with Disqus or Twitter. Pick either above to see what other individuals have said. Include your video clips which help with this online game. Rating: 3. preferred Games Add to your games. Add Videos and Hints. That is our help guide to completing levels in Doors Challenge, you should check straight back on amount s in the last web page. Level 21 Tap the arrows for each regarding the 4 squares to turn them. Each once should be set as a clock.

The 4 arrows have actually numbers that will be the time you will need to set it to, but on a 12 time clock face not Level 22 Tap the blowtorch on op of the field to collect it. Tap the sledge hammer in the remaining wall surface to get it. Use the blow burn regarding the box to warm the side panel. Then use the hammer to get rid of the panel. Collect the explosives from inside the package. And also the cable. Slip the container to the right to go it and reveal a detonator. Gather this. Combine the cable and detonator in your inventory, then make use of it from the door for connecting it.

Next use the volatile to position all of them from the door aswell. Tap the detonator to destroy the door. Amount 23 There are 4 parrots which will make a noise when you tap them. Tap the radiant skull above the home to help make the parrots screech in a sequence.

Repeat the series precisely to open the door. Sequence: 4 3 2 1 3 pause 2 4 2 1 3 tv show Level 24 Tap one of many levers to make the gold cylinders move along in the slot machines regarding the pillars, touch once again to prevent all of them in the gold painted ares associated with the pillars.

Whenever both are in position the doorway will open. Degree 25 Tap the draw in the biggest market of the work desk to open it and collect a paper and a disc. Use the report from the printer to load is and tap the printer to print-out a number. Tap the keypad because of the home to go into the number imprinted. The door will open up. Level 26 Tap to get the magnification device . therefore the dynamite through the flooring.

Make use of the dynamite from the home to place it. Choose the magnifier and hold it involving the screen as well as the dynamite to light the fuse. Degree 27 Tap the antenna together with the television and pull it all over area. As you move it numbers will show up in the television screen. Get a hold of all 4 figures and don’t forget the order. Code: Show Use the code on the keypad to start the door. Level 28 Tap from the cup situation containing the axe until it breaks and you gather the axe.

Utilize the axe regarding the ceiling to open up the panel. Shake your device through to the gun drops from the ceiling and then touch the firearm to fire it and open the doorway. Level 29 Tap to gather the line from the floor.

Tap and slip the barrel to the left to show and gather a magnet. Combine the magnet and rope in your stock then make use of this from the grate within the flooring to get a key. Use the secret to open up the door. Degree 30 Tap to gather the drum stick from the flooring. Utilize the adhere to tap the gongs within the proper sequence. In the event that you make a mistake there will be a noise and dirt on to the floor to let you know to start out once more.

Sequence: Start with the silver gong, touch it three times. Then go in line with the arrow, clockwise, around the gongs tapping them 4 times, 3 times together with last one 5 times depending on the figures on the floor.

Continue steadily to get the answers for levels If you have any questions please head to the Answers webpage. Is this guide missing something? Add your help and suggestions or Ask your question. AppGamer Facebook Disqus. Join us on Discord. Include your review for this online game.

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